song of the day – “Turn To The Sky” | THE MARCH VIOLETS | 1986 / 1987.

The Ides of March inspired today’s “song of the day,” although there’s no actual correlation between The Ides of March and the Leeds, England band, The March Violets.

The March Violets initially followed in the musical footsteps of fellow Leeds Goth band, The Sisters Of Mercy, and even started on the same U.K. indie record label, Merciful Release (founded by The Sisters Of Mercy frontman, Andrew Eldritch).  The label arrangement with Andrew Eldritch ended up not working out, and The March Violets formed their own label, Rebirth.

turn to the sky

Between 1981 and 1987, the band released two full-length releases and seven singles, and went through several lineup changes.  Their two most popular singles were 1984’s “Snake Dance” and 1986’s “Turn To The Sky.”  The latter song would appear on the soundtrack to the 1987 film, SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, which John Hughes wrote and produced.  The March Violets even performed the song in the film, with then-members Tom Ashton on guitar, Laurence “Loz” Elliott on bass, drummer Andy Tolson and Cleo Murray on vocals.some kind of wonderful

But, despite the kind exposure in SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL, the press in the music world was not so kind to the band, and they broke up in 1987.

The band played a reunion show in 2007, with three of the four original members.  Three years later, they got back together, and in 2013, The March Violets released MADE GLORIOUS, their first proper album through a fundraising campaign, and just last year released the album, MORTALITY.

Once again, through the brilliant music mind of the late, great John Hughes, he introduced me to a band I probably would have never known had it not been for one of his films.  I still have a lot to learn about The March Violets, and even though it’s not quite true to their Goth roots, I really do love “Turn To The Sky…”

the march violets