song of the day – “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother” | THE HOLLIES | 1969 / 1970 / 1988.

Today (July 27, 2018) is my brother Mark’s first birthday without him here.  Mark passed away unexpectedly a couple of weeks before Xmas 2017 at the age of 47.  Being the oldest child of 10, I have six baby sisters and three baby brothers.  Mark was my first baby brother, and all these months later, I still can’t believe he’s gone.

I think it’s hardest the first year, you know, because of all the holidays and anniversaries of events you remember from all your life. Mark was born in Downeast Maine (Machias) on July 27, 1970, and graduated from Winslow High School three years after I did, in 1988.  The pictures included in this blog post are just a few examples of how I remember Mark. 

Mark 082587

My brother, Mark Raymond, and one of the Senior pictures taken of him, Winslow, Maine, August 25, 1987.

Next weekend is another anniversary, of the weekend I proclaimed my love for Maryhope in Old Orchard Beach, Maine, including a swim in the cold Atlantic Ocean that also changed my life forever. Mark was responsible for us staying in OOB at the hotel he worked for, and managed to get us a room at the last minute during the height of the Maine summer.  No easy trick.  But Mark pulled it off. And I’m forever grateful for that weekend, and forever grateful Mark and Maryhope got to meet each other.  That weekend, she arrived in OOB before I did, and right away, she asked if she could give Mark a hug.  Since they just met, Maryhope wasn’t sure if he’d be interested in a hug, but Mark said something like, “Sure, I’ll take a hug!”  And Mark was not disappointed!  Maryhope gives the best hugs. 

Mark was one of the hardest-working people and had one of the best work ethics of anyone I have ever known.  When Maryhope and I were there at the hotel (where he also lived), we got to see him in his element, in his town, hanging out in his downtime with the visitors from Québec and beyond, who appreciated him so much and loved having him around every year they came back to Old Orchard Beach.  He never said this, but I really think he loved working by the sea. 

Mark OOB

Mark in Old Orchard Beach, Maine (date of the picture unknown, but I believe this was taken on his birthday several years ago).

Mark had a love for the Dallas Cowboys, pizza kits from a local grocery store here in Winslow, Maine, and GOOD MORNING AMERICA’s (and FLEA MARKET FLIP host) Lara Spencer (who he named his beloved cat after).  Sadly, almost three months to the day Mark died, Lara passed away as well.  She had several things wrong with her, but I think mostly, it was because her heart was so broken at the loss of Mark.  There’s no other reasonable explanation for a two-year-old cat to just have all these things wrong with her. Their ashes are next to each other at my parents’ house and hopefully Mark and Lara are hanging out together somewhere now and watching marathons of FLEA MARKET FLIP. 

Lara 12.14.17

In this picture from the day after Mark died (December 14, 2017), Lara was looking up at the angel atop my parents’ Xmas tree. I’d swear she was looking at Mark. 

One of my favorite memories of Mark was in my Senior year of high school, in the Fall of 1984, and Mark was a Freshman.  It was my second and final year of Cross-Country, a sport I finally found my stride in (pun intended), and for the first few weeks of the season, I was always finishing just outside of the coveted Top 10 Varsity spots.  One week, we had a Cross-Country race in Waterville, in the woods near a golf course and the junior high school.  Waterville (or Wooterville, depending on your accent or mine) was our longtime rivals across the bridge, and I can’t remember how it happened, but in that race, Mark finished just seconds ahead of me.  It was a great moment for Mark.  And our coach, the wonderful Gene Roy, didn’t think I would live that down, but in that moment, he said he would bet on me to step it up in the next race and come out on top.  And, he was right.  Thanks to Mark, I not only beat him in the next race, but with that next race, I reached the Top 10, and stayed there as a Varsity runner for the rest of the season.  I believe I finished eighth for the year, and picked up not only a Varsity letter, but the Most Improved award as well.  And Mark inspired me to run faster and harder, and forever I owe that to him.  Mark himself would later letter in XC as well.

51a3mzh6ymLAnother memory that comes to mind: If anyone asks me where I was the first weekend BACK TO THE FUTURE was released in theaters in July 1985, I can safely say, because of Mark, I saw it twice in the same day (something I did not do back then, or now).  It was about a month after my high school graduation, and I went by myself to the matinee show, and Mark told my mom he wanted to see BACK TO THE FUTURE with a girl that night, so I offered to drive them, but when we got to the theater, he said he wanted to see RAMBO II instead, so I did the brotherly thing and got his tickets for RAMBO II and I got another ticket for myself to watch back-to-back viewings of BACK TO THE FUTURE.  I just couldn’t say no to him.

Life wasn’t always easy for Mark, and he was in a lot of pain most of his adult life, but he was one of the strongest people I ever knew, I was so proud of him and I looked up to him, though I don’t ever recall telling him that.  I hope he knew how I felt.  I take comfort in the fact he’s no longer in any pain.  Maryhope reassured me, in just from the weekend she and I were in OOB, that he looked up to me as well, and was proud of me, too.  And we could see the happiness in his eyes when he saw Maryhope and I were together and happy. 

me+MHT OOB moonlight 080617 3

That’s me and Maryhope enjoying the moonlight by the ocean, Old Orchard Beach, Maine, Sunday, August 6, 2017.

In his later years, Mark wasn’t a fan of having his picture taken, and the last day we saw Mark, on Monday, August 7, 2017, Maryhope asked if she could take his picture.  He respectfully declined, though I’ll forever wish he had wanted to.  Last night, I went through a box of old photographs of Mark, hoping to find something with the two of us, but I was unsuccessful in my search. 

he ain't heavy 69 netherlands

1969 Netherlands 7″ single of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved The Hollies’ worldwide Top 10 hit from 1969 and 1970, “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”  And for those reading this who are chart nerds like yours truly, the reason I have 1988 also listed at the top of the blog post is because in the U.K. in 1988, a commercial using “He Ain’t Heavy” and promoting Miller Lite (of all things) resonated with fans and the song was re-released as a single, reaching No. 1 in the U.K. for two weeks in the early fall of that year (surpassing its original No. 3 peak in that country).


From the Miller Lite U.K. advert that brought “He Ain’t Heavy” to the top of the U.K. singles chart after nearly 20 years.

Mark was NOT a chart nerd, but he did enjoy music, especially that of a hard rock / heavy metal persuasion, at least in his younger days.  He loved Led Zeppelin, Def Leppard and Guns ‘N Roses, and the comedy of Stephen Lynch.  In my ginormous head, I’ve long thought of creating a mash-up of “He Ain’t Heavy” with the drum beat of Led Zep’s “When The Levee Breaks,” and hope to create that soon in Mark’s honor.  I think he would have liked it.

he ain't heavy 88 uk

The 1988 U.K. re-release of “He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother.”

Ever since Mark passed away, I can’t get “He Ain’t Heavy” out of my head.  The day before my birthday this year, Maryhope and I were at a restaurant in Portland, just a couple months after Mark died, and “He Ain’t Heavy” started playing on the radio in the restaurant.  I started weeping right away, I couldn’t stop.  I’m so forever grateful Maryhope was there to comfort me. 

Mark stove SWH

A young Mark chillin’ on top of the stove, date unknown, Southwest Harbor, Maine.

I know the origins of the phrase, “No, he’s not heavy; he’s my brother” date back to 1884 Scotland and variations have been used over the years, like in the 1940s, when it was used as a slogan for Boys’ Town (“He ain’t heavy, Father [Flanagan], he’s my brother”), but I will forever associate this song with Mark.

Mark Seawall 071484

Mark at our family’s longtime favorite spot, Seawall Picnic Area, Acadia National Park, July 14, 1984.

Happy Birthday, my brother.  I love you (and Lara), and miss you, and hope you are both having some fun adventures on your first birthday away from Earth, wherever you are.  You deserve it… 

Mark SWH age 3

From Mark’s third birthday party, Southwest Harbor, Maine, 1973.

Mark listening to tunes SWH

Mark listening to some tunes, date unknown, Southwest Harbor, Maine. I love this shot. Prolly my favorite picture of Mark.


Blue Monday.

For years, during and away from STUCK IN THE 80s, I’ve been raving about and enjoying the music from Manchester and Greater Manchester, England, including but not limited to New Order, Joy Division, The Smiths, The Stone Roses, The Buzzcocks, Happy Mondays, James, The Chameleons, The Fall, When In Rome, as well as Lisa Stansfield, Swing Out Sister, The Bee Gees, The Hollies and Simply Red.  Even this past weekend, Hope and I were taking about New Order’s incredible 1983 hit, “Blue Monday,” and how amazing it must have been to have heard this in the club at the time of its release! 

blue monday

The cool floppy disk-like cover art for New Order’s “Blue Monday.”

Well, this past Monday, May 22, 2017, was indeed a Blue Monday, but not the cool, danceable New Order-kind of Monday.  By now, I’m sure everyone has heard about the tragic bombing in Manchester immediately following a concert by American Pop star, Ariana Grande.  The bombing happened at Manchester’s largest venue, the Manchester Arena (which has a capacity of 21,000 people). 

dark empire state

The Empire State Building in NYC, paying tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack by going dark.

As people were filing out of the venue, many of whom were stopping at the merch table on their way out, a 22-year-old man and British citizen (and of Libyan descent) took his own life and the lives of 22 others by detonating a bomb inside the venue.  At least 120 others were injured from the blast (with nearly half of those folks having to be hospitalized).

France Britain Concert Blast

The Eiffel Tower in Paris also went dark, paying tribute to the victims of the Manchester attack.

Among those 22 people who died that night were Georgiana Callander, an 18-year-old superfan of Ariana Grande; Kelly Brewster, a 32-year-old fan who covered her niece from the explosion; Alison Howe and Lisa Lees, two friends (and moms) who weren’t even at the concert and were just waiting for their daughters to come out after the show; and Saffie Rose Roussos, an eight-year-old girl who was prolly attending her first concert ever and had her whole life ahead of her and then some.  Students and teachers at the school she attended (about 40 miles north of Manchester), held a moment of silence for Saffie, and then sang Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’” (the popular GLEE version) in her honor.

saffie rose

Eight-year-old Saffie Rose Roussos, the youngest victim of the Manchester attack.

burj khalifa manchester

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest structure in the world, showing their support for the U.K. and the victims of the Manchester attack.

Many nations around the globe expressed their sorrow regarding the Manchester attack, and their solidarity and their prayers.  Donald Trump called ISIS (who made an unconfirmed claim of responsibility for the attack) “evil losers.”

While my response might have been a bit more eloquent than Mr. Trump, I will agree that ISIS is evil, and yes, they are losers.  All over the globe, ISIS (the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) has caused much havoc and taken far too many lives under a mask of religious violence, but when it’s all said and done, they really just don’t give a shit about anything except maybe their beloved Prophet Muhammad.  As a lifelong Catholic (practicing, non-practicing and recovering), I can’t imagine the Apostle of God would be down with all this.  Just sayin’.

Please know what you just read was not said to demean Muslims or Muhammad; my beef is with ISIS.

Here’s another reason why the collective of ISIS are a bunch of losers, or in my book, rank somewhere next to ticks and cockroaches as having no meaning or need for existence on this Earth: ISIS thinks that, with every venue they blow up, it’s going to stop people from returning to see concerts.  They are so fucking mistaken.  I’m in mourning for the loss of people I didn’t even know from this Manchester attack, and the one in Paris in late 2015.  Many folks around the globe are in mourning too.  But, you can’t let ISIS win. 

It’s alright to fear.  It’s alright to be scared.  I’m scared more often than I’d like to admit for whatever reason, but for the sake of it being alright to be scared, I’m admitting it here.  Of course, I’d never want something to happen to anyone I love (family, friends, radio listeners, kind blog readers) because of ISIS.  Moreover, though, I’d never want anyone I love to give up something they love or love doing because these misguided, coward ISIS motherfuckers have their own agenda and don’t want you to do anything you love.  It’s alright to be scared.  It’s alright to fear.  But, just because they don’t give a shit about their own lives or the lives of others in this world, you can’t let it stop you from doing something you love, with someone you love.  So, don’t let it…

Sending many thoughts and prayers, and peace and love, to everyone in Manchester, England, and beyond, after a very Blue Monday…

#ManchesterUnited #ManchesterAttack #WeStandWithManchester

manchester united