xmas song of the day – “Twelve Days Of Christmas” | BOB & DOUG McKENZIE | 1981.

Happy Holidays!  Since it’s the first year of my blog, and since it’s the last year for my Annual Holiday Show on my little 20-year-old 80s radio program, STUCK IN THE 80s (on WMPG community radio in Portland, Maine), I wanted to present to you THE 31 DAYS OF 80s XMAS SONGS, or, 31 of my favorite 80s holiday musical treats.


It’s December 15, 2016 here in Central Maine, USA, and with just 10 days until Xmas, we’re definitely now into the 12 days of Xmas, so what better song to feature on Day 21 of THE 31 DAYS OF 80s XMAS SONGS than a song from above – no, not Heaven!, but rather the Great White North (also known as Canada in some parts of the world): the wonderful and fun “Twelve Days Of Christmas” parody by Bob & Doug McKenzie.


In 1981, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas took their popular fictional characters (Bob & Doug McKenzie, respectively) from Second City Television (SCTV), and made a comedy album, GREAT WHITE NORTH.  The album was a huge success in both Canada, where Bob & Doug originate (Rick and Dave are both Ontario natives), and here in America.


The GREAT WHITE NORTH album spent six weeks at No. 1 on the Canadian album chart, was certified Triple-Platinum, and received the Juno Award (the Canadian equivalent of the Grammys) for Comedy Album Of The Year.  Here in the U.S., it reached No. 8 on the BILLBOARD album chart, was certified Platinum and was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Comedy Album (losing out to Richard Pryor).

GREAT WHITE NORTH not only featured their hilarious Top 20 hit, “Take Off” (with Rush’s Geddy Lee on vocals), but it also featured one of my all-time favorite Xmas songs, their parody of the traditional Xmas carol, (most of) the “Twelve Days Of Christmas.”42535_01_Sleeve.indd

For this year’s Black Friday edition of Record Store Day, the “Twelve Days Of Christmas” single was offered as a special limited edition 7” single.  I hope to pick mine up soon.

It’s funny – I’ve gotten so used to (and loved) Bob & Doug’s parody of the “Twelve Days Of Christmas” over the last 35 years, I’ve forgotten most of the lyrics to the original, traditional Xmas carol!  Oopsie!  “Five golden toques!”




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