song of the day – “Give Thanks And Praises” | BOB MARLEY & THE WAILERS | 1983.

rockin-thxgivingWith Thanksgiving just hours away here in Central Maine and beyond, I just wanted to take a moment to show my gratitude and love for anyone who has ever tuned into my little 80s radio program, STUCK IN THE 80s (on WMPG community radio in Portland, Maine) over the past 20 years, those who have called in week after week with requests or just enjoyed what was being played and didn’t feel the need to call, to those who have pledged over the years to keep WMPG and STUCK IN THE 80s going, and to those who called in just to say THANKS for a song or songs I played on the air. 

I also want to show my gratitude and love to everyone who’s ever read my FOREVER YOUNG: MY LIFE STUCK IN THE 80s blog this year, those who follow the blog faithfully, those who don’t mind my part-autobiography blog posts with nerdy singles chart info mixed in (which is most posts), and to those folks who stumbled onto my blog one day and enjoyed what they read and/or shared with someone else.

Lastly, I’m so blessed with an abundance of my amazing family and friends (including my dear and talented friend, Hope – without her help in the beginning, this crazy little bloggy thing called FOREVER YOUNG prolly would not have turned out the way it did).  I love you all and I thank you all for your kind words, your spirit, your generosity and your support.  It’s not forgotten.boconfrontation

“Give Thanks And Praises” is a song from the 1983 Bob Marley & The Wailers album, CONFRONTATION, an album compiled with unreleased songs and singles (including “Buffalo Soldier”), and released a couple of years after the sad passing of Bob Marley, who died of cancer in May 1981 at the far-too-young age of 36.

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to give thanks and praises to those close to you and then some.  Be good, travel safe, and until next time, I’ll catch you on the flip side…



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