song of the day – “D.M.S.R.” | PRINCE | 1982.

It’s October 21, and 2day marks six months since Prince passed away at the age of 57.  But, 2day also marks the birthday of one of THE BEST and closest people in my life, my dear and tremendously talented friend, Hope.  Happy Birthday!  Hope and I had the same idea 4 2day’s “song of the day.”  Sure, like millions of people around the globe, we miss Prince.  But, Hope suggested 2 me earlier 2 make 2day’s post a celebration, not one of sadness 4 The Purple One.  Then I let the birthday girl pick out a Prince song 4 the post 2day.  At the top of her list was “D.M.S.R.,” the eight-minute epic jam from Prince’s 1982 brilliant breakthrough album, 1999.

1999 album

“D.M.S.R.” is the fifth song on the album (or if U prefer, the second song of 2 on Side 2).  Whether or not U practice Catholicism, surely U have heard of the Holy Trinity, which is comprised of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit).  Well, in 1982, Prince gave U the Holy Quartet (or Quadrality?), which stands 4 “Dance, Music, Sex, Romance.” 


“D.M.S.R.” was only released as a promo single, but it did appear on several B-sides worldwide.

The album 1999 came out at the 80s height of The Cold War, and when U think about it, there’s a heavy presence of The Cold War throughout the album.  Where does “D.M.S.R.” fit in on this apocalyptic classic?  Well, in the eyes and mind of Prince, if The Cold War was bearing down on U, what would U rather do – be scared and helpless and prepare yourself 2 die OR  get down and PartyUP with the rest of the world before the bombs find their way 2 U?  In 1982, I prolly would have gone with the former, but in 2016, U can bet your ass and my record collection I’m gonna get down and PartyUP with some D.M.S.R.!!1999-inner-photo

This song has been called “unadulterated filler” by ROLLING STONE, “jittery” by PITCHFORK, and a “straight-up party-funk bomb” by SLANT magazine, but I’ve always loved how Prince takes just 4 words, smashes them 2gether, and does everything he can 2 advocate them by giving the world one more kick-ass jam before The Cold War takes it all away.

Well, it’s 34 years after the album’s release, and The Cold War’s gone, and Prince is gone (although his presence is definitely still accounted 4), but “D.M.S.R.” is thankfully still around.  And, rest assured, regardless of next month’s concerning U.S. Presidential election, “D.M.S.R” will ALWAYS be around.  Prince wouldn’t have it any other way…


I must have this shirt…


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