song of the day – “Love And Anger” | KATE BUSH | 1989 / 1990.

Four years and a month passed between the release of Kate Bush’s 1985 masterpiece, HOUNDS OF LOVE, and the wonderful 1989 follow-up album, THE SENSUAL WORLD, but it was as if Kate Bush hadn’t been away at all.  The album, produced by Kate, was recorded over a two-year period, and featured gems like the title track (originally inspired by James Joyce’s ULYSSES), “Deeper Understanding” (one of three tracks on the album that features the Bulgarian vocal ensemble Trio Bulgarka) and “This Woman’s Work” (originally featured in a pivotal scene in the 1988 John Hughes film, SHE’S HAVING A BABY). 

the sensual world

“Love And Anger” was the third single released around the world, but was the only single from the album released in America (more on that in a moment).  From a 2011 CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND re-review of THE SENSUAL WORLD, they stated that “Love And Anger” was written over a period of 18 months, and Kate Bush described the song as one of the most difficult songs to put together, though it was one of the first songs written for the album.

Kate Bush played many of the instruments on the album, but on “Love And Anger,” the incredible guitar work is courtesy of the musician who discovered Kate in the mid-70s, Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour (who also appears in the Kate Bush-directed video). 

love and anger

“Love And Anger” was officially released in February 1990 and reached No. 38 on the U.K. singles chart, and spent three weeks at No. 1 in December 1989 on BILLBOARD’s then-young Modern Rock chart, the only time Kate would have a No. 1 on any chart in America. 

In a situation that still puzzles me today, Kate’s longtime label, EMI, and especially her U.S. label, EMI America, somehow “forgot” to renew Kate’s contract.  Really?!  Well, EMI America’s loss was Columbia Records’ gain, and they released THE SENSUAL WORLD, but it was released in the U.S. after the first two singles from the album had already been released.  It was also the only Kate Bush album to be certified Gold here in the U.S., selling even more than HOUNDS OF LOVE, and it was nominated for a Grammy for Best Alternative Music Album. the kate inside

On September 13, 2016, Italian photographer Guido Harari (who photographed Kate Bush for 11 years) has an exhibit opening at London’s Art Bermondsey Project Space, coinciding with the limited-edition book release of THE KATE INSIDE: PHOTOGRAPHED BY GUIDO HARARI. 

Kate released her last album, 2011’s 50 WORDS FOR SNOW, and in 2014, she performed 22 shows at London’s Hammersmith Apollo.  The tickets sold out in 15 minutes, and at one point, in antici-PA-tion for the shows, she charted eight albums in the Top 40 of the U.K. Albums chart, which placed her third behind The Beatles and Elvis Presley.  Pretty impressive, but not surprising, considering the love people in the U.K. and beyond have for Kate Bush.  My love for Kate and her music has grown so much over the years, and continues to grow, as does my love (sans anger) for this glorious gem… 


Kate Bush at the close of a performance in London, 2014.

kate 1989 by Guido Harari

Kate Bush, photographed in 1989 by Italian photographer Guido Harari.


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