song of the day – “Would I Lie To You?” | EURYTHMICS | 1985.

For the fifth studio album by London’s Eurythmics, 1985’s BE YOURSELF TONIGHT, Scotland’s Annie Lennox and England’s David A. Stewart were sounding less like the New Wave / Dance sound they had on the first four albums (including their soundtrack to the film, 1984), and more like a Pop / Rock band.  For this album, they meshed the Motown sound into their “newly-found” Rock sound, and with the help of Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder and Elvis Costello, the new sound worked.  BE YOURSELF TONIGHT remains as their biggest-selling album yourself tonight

“Would I Lie To You?” was the first single released from BE YOURSELF TONIGHT, which debuted on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 in late April 1985, the same week the album was released.  “Would I Lie To You?” (an MTV favorite) had a steady climb up the chart, and reached No. 5 (their last U.S. Top 10 hit to date) on July 13, 1985 – the day of Live Aid.  (SIDE  NOTE: Annie and David weren’t able to perform at Live Aid because Annie was recovering from vocal fold nodules, which prevented her from singing.)

The Hot 100 wasn’t the only BILLBOARD chart to see “Would I Lie To You?” in the upper echelon of the charts: It reached No. 2 on BILLBOARD’s Rock chart, and No. 5 on BILLBOARD’s Dance chart – no easy feat.

would i lie to you

Around the globe, “Would I Lie To You?” didn’t lie to fans, and it spent 2 weeks at No. 1 in Australia, plus Top 10 rankings in Belgium, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, Poland and Sweden.  In their U.K. homeland, it reached No. 17.

Annie Lennox and David Stewart have released four more Eurythmics studio  albums since BE YOURSELF TONIGHT, the most recent of which was 1999’s excellent comeback album, PEACE.  The pair last performed on 2014’s “The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to The Beatles” in Los Angeles, the day after the Grammy Awards, with an amazing version of “The Fool On The Hill.”

In 2007, Annie Lennox announced that she didn’t foresee any future Eurythmics projects in the works, and while that remains true to this day, David A. Stewart, in 2012, remained hopeful: “We’re not talking about a [new album] right now, but never say never.”

I have loved this band from the moment I heard “Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” blaring from my Panasonic boombox.  Of course, I would absolutely LOVE to see the Eurythmics get back together and work on a new album (and tour again).  Would I lie to you?



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