song of the day – “Love It (Coldcut Remix)” | SOCIETY | 1987 / 1988.

the danse society

The Danse Society.

As often happens with bands of all genres, members leave and go on to form other bands.  The English Goth band The Danse Society was one of those bands.  They got their start in 1980 and had been around for six years when all of the members of the band (save for one) left to form another band, Johnny In The Clouds.

The one band member that stayed on was lead singer Steve Rawlings, who continued as Society, releasing two songs in 1987, “Saturn Girl” and “Love It.”  I met Michael – one of my (future) best friends and the person who has been most influential to me in music – in the Summer of 1987, around the time The Danse Society became Society.  It’s no surprise that “Love It” wound up on the first mix tape Michael made for me in May 1988 – the original “Ron’s Honkin’ Stompin’ Stubba Smut Mix” (I can’t remember how the title of the mix tape came about…)

love itOne of mixes on the 12” single was remixed by Coldcut, the London Electronic duo who have produced and remixed music for decades for the likes of Eric B. & Rakim, Eurythmics, INXS, Blondie, Lisa Stansfield, The Fall and more.  This was the mix that caught my ear and was the mix that appeared in the video.  The Coldcut Remix for “Love It” included many samples that rival and even may have been inspired by “Pump Up The Volume” by M|A|R|R|S, out around the same time.

“Love It” wasn’t the type of song I would have been into earlier in the 80s, and it wasn’t a hit anywhere (though it did reach No. 19 on the U.K. Indie Singles chart), but it’s a really cool and fun song, I totally dig the guitar stylings, and even though I don’t know much else about the band, I’m glad “Love It” was introduced to me, because for almost 30 years, I really still do, um, love it…

love it coldcut mix


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