song of the day – “Dreamer (Live)” | SUPERTRAMP | 1980.

dreamer 2The Rock band Supertramp had been around for a decade when they recorded a live concert at Pavilion de Paris in Paris, France on November 29, 1979.  That year was already a big year for the London band, with the release of their sixth and biggest album, BREAKFAST IN AMERICA.  It went 4-times platinum in the U.S. alone and spent 6 weeks at No. 1 on the BILLBOARD album chart.

The live Paris concert turned into a 2-album set, released in September 1980.  Simply titled PARIS, the live recording featured many of the band’s popular songs to that point, like “School,” “The Logical Song,” “Bloody Well Right,” “Breakfast In America,” “Rudy,” “Take The Long Way Home,” and “Dreamer,” a song originally released as a single from the band’s third album, 1974’s CRIME OF THE CENTURY. 

dreamer“Dreamer” was originally a No. 13 hit in the band’s U.K. homeland, and was the first single chosen from PARIS.  It spent a couple of weeks at No. 15 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 in November 1980, reached No. 11 in Canada, and was a Top 40 hit in Australia and Holland.

PARIS was the first live album I loved from the then-young decade, and remains as one of my favorite live albums of the 80s and all-time, largely due to a simple, three-and-a-half minute song I didn’t know existed five years before that could have easily been about yours truly…

supertramp 1979


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