song of the day – “It’s Gonna Get Better” | GENESIS | 1983.

I found out today that someone I used to know many years ago (through a place I worked at in Portland, Maine) passed away a week ago.  We weren’t friends or anything, and I don’t know the circumstances regarding his passing, but the death of someone you know or knew makes you think about death.  At least it does for me. 

The first death I experienced was that of my 55-year-old grandmother Leona (my Mom’s mom).  She died on Groundhog Day 1982 at the age of 55, though her body looked much older.  She had emphysema and never smoked.  I’m 6 years away from that now.  Hard to believe. 

All of my grandparents and great-grandparents have been gone for years; I’ve lost high school and college classmates and close friends early to cancer; a Christmas Eve 1987 murder of one of my high school classmates remains unsolved to this day; my Oscar, who I lost 13 years ago this year and miss every day; and, an extended member of my family who left this world way too soon…

Kingly Oscar, Old Port 1996 (large)

My Oscar, looking like a King in 1996…

When I woke up this morning, I had no idea Genesis would be making their second appearance in this still-young bloggy thing of mine.  But, then again, “It’s Gonna Get Better” is another of my go-to songs to remind me to breathe and that things will get better, regardless of the situation.genesis album

“It’s Gonna Get Better” is the last of 10 songs on the excellent 1983 self-titled album by Genesis, which features such gems as the sweet and poppy “That’s All,” the powerful “Mama,” the lovely “Taking It All Too Hard,” the fun “Illegal Alien” and the amazing 1-2 punch of “Home By The Sea” / “Second Home By The Sea.”

It’s often been said that “time heals all wounds.”  I believe that to an extent.  Yes, like the song says, “if it’s gonna get better / it’s gonna take time.” 

it's gonna get betterTime does heal, for sure, but I’m not sold on it healing all wounds.  If you’ve lost someone, be it a spouse, parent, child, dog, or dear friend, I don’t care who you are, that feeling’s always going to be with you, even if it eventually becomes just a small part of you over time.  But, don’t worry – and remember – it’s gonna get better…



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