song of the day – “Run Runaway” | SLADE | 1984.

When Slade’s “Run Runaway” was released in early 1984, I fell in love with it instantly, especially the 5-minute album version, and that prompted me to purchase the parent album, KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF MY POWER SUPPLY, which also housed the follow-up hit ballad, “My Oh My.”keep your hands off

I had virtually no knowledge of Slade prior to 1984, save for a mention on American Top 40, when Quiet Riot’s No. 5 version of “Cum On Feel The Noise” was mentioned as a cover version of the 1973 Slade original, which snuck onto the BILLBOARD Hot 100 at No. 98.  (Quiet Riot also covered Slade’s 1972 hit, “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” in 1984.)

As it turned out, the members of Slade were rock gods in their U.K. homeland.  Slade started charting in the U.K. in 1971 and by the time “Run Runaway” had been released, Slade had hit the U.K. Top 40 singles chart 20 times, and reached No. 1 six 6 times. 

run runaway

“Run Runaway” was a big global hit, reaching No. 4 in Sweden, No. 6 in Poland, No. 7 in the U.K. and Norway, No. 8 in Ireland, and the Top 20 in Australia, Canada, Germany, and a No. 20 peak on the Hot 100 here in America (it also reached No. 1 on BILLBOARD’s Rock chart).

I never really jumped on the Slade bandwagon, but, with “Run Runaway,” it exudes fun, inspires me to dance and is a wonderful party that gets you to “run runaway” for a few minutes. 

A 300-word late-night blog post doesn’t do it justice, but I can safely say I have loved “Run Runaway” for over 30 years, much like the way I loved it the first time I heard it.  I can’t say that about every song…



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