song of the day – “Pretty In Pink” (original mix) | THE PSYCHEDELIC FURS | 1981.

On Valentine’s Day 2016, my dear and über-talented friend, Hope, and I watched the 30th Anniversary theater showing of John Hughes’ 1986 gem, PRETTY IN PINK (which he wrote and produced, but was directed by Howard Deutch, in his first film as director; he would also go on to direct John’s SOME KIND OF WONDERFUL in 1987). pretty in pink posterThe song “Pretty In Pink” was originally from the 1981 album, TALK TALK TALK, the second album by the London Alt-Rock/New Wave band, The Psychedelic Furs.  For the 1986 John Hughes film of the same name, The Furs were commissioned to re-record their 1981 gem specifically for the movie.  The film’s accompanying soundtrack, featuring the new version of “Pretty In Pink,” as well as music from New Order, INXS, Echo & The Bunnymen, Suzanne Vega and OMD’s Top 10 hit, “If You Leave,” was a big hit on the BILLBOARD album chart, reaching No. 5.  I honestly think I started getting into artists like Echo, New Order and Suzanne Vega because of this soundtrack.

pretty in pink 81Back in the late 80s, Psychedelic Furs lead singer and frontman Richard Butler once compared PRETTY IN PINK the movie to “Pretty In Pink” the song: “PRETTY IN PINK (the movie) was totally out of context with the song.  I was really flattered somebody had picked up on that song, and thought this is great to write a movie around.  You know, I’m always for people getting what they want to get out of a song, though I have to say it’s very different.  The girl in the song “Pretty In Pink” is a girl that thinks she’s something big, and thinks she’s some kind of big deal, when in fact, it’s totally the opposite.”

I’ve loved the movie PRETTY IN PINK for 30 years, and while the 1986 re-working of the song “Pretty In Pink” is good, it’s the 1981 original that I keep close to my heart, on Valentine’s Day or otherwise…

the p-furs


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