song of the day – “Birthday” | THE SUGARCUBES | 1988.

So, today is February 12, 2016 (again, WordPress may tell you another date; gotta fix that).  I turned 49 today.  Just seems like yesterday that I had my memorable 40th birthday party in Portland, with many friends from all walks of life.  Had such a great time that night.  The truth is, I actually feel better overall at 49 than I did at 40; I certainly look healthier. 

Overall, the 40s have been good to me, and I’ll miss them when they’re gone, but I’m not ready for 50 yet, and if I happen to hear from the AARP, I’ll tell them to get back to me next year, I’m busy.

birthdayEven though it is my birthday, it doesn’t mean I’m exempt from sharing with you my “song of the day.”  A bunch of great 80s birthday songs to choose from, including the likes of Altered Images Concrete Blonde, but the gem from The Sugarcubes was calling to me today (how convenient!). 

“Birthday” appears on the Icelandic band’s excellent 1987 debut album, LIFE’S TOO GOOD, and put Björk and The Sugarcubes on the indie music map around the globe, and into my ol’ birthday heart for all time.



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