song of the day – “New Moon On Monday” | DURAN DURAN | 1984.

My dear and über-talented friend, Hope, kindly reminded me this morning that there is a new moon today (2.8.2016); a “New Moon On Monday,” which apparently doesn’t happen very often.  If my math is correct, I believe there are only 2 new La Lunas happening on a Monday for all of 2016.

Well, regardless of how many new moons fall on a Monday in any given year (I can’t say I keep track), in 1984, there was one very well-known and popular new moon on Monday I did keep track of, and it belonged to the artist formerly known as the Fab Five, Duran Duran. 

seven and the ragged tiger“New Moon On Monday” was the band’s second single released from their excellent third album, 1983’s SEVEN AND THE RAGGED TIGER.  Despite its success, I think a lot of folks may forget or overlook “New Moon On Monday” because the first Duran-squared songs that instantly to mind are hits like “Hungry Like The Wolf,” “The Reflex,” “A View To A Kill,” “Rio” and “Ordinary World.” 

I rather enjoy the infectious simplicity of “New Moon On Monday,” and the fact it’s not trying to prove anything in its 4 minutes except maybe the enjoyment of it.  People around the globe enjoyed it too – it reached the Top 10 in the U.K., Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, and spent a week at No. 10 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100 in March 1984.

new moon on monday

I’m hoping (for the first time – finally!) to see Duran Duran perform later this year, a long time in coming.  Thanks to a friend and former college music rep for Sony during my WMPG Music Director days, I have had the autographs of all five original Duran members since 2004, but oddly enough, to date, I have not seen them in concert.

Duran Duran has not had a big U.S. hit since “Come Undone” in 1993, but the boys from Birmingham, England keep on recording and putting out some terrific music, including their critically-hailed latest offering, 2015’s PAPER GODS, which put them back in the Top 10 of the BILLBOARD Top 200 album chart for the first time since THE WEDDING ALBUM in 1993. 

Though I would love to see Duran Duran inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, Duran frontman Simon LeBon isn’t too concerned.  He recently said, “I have a problem with the institutionalization of rock ‘n’ roll.  I think the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in itself is not a bad thing, but I don’t feel that I have to be placed alongside Jerry Lee Lewis, James Brown, the Rolling Stones, U2, and all those other guys for me to have validity.”  Or maybe he’d rather light a torch tonight and wave it for the New Moon, and a firedance through the night.  Doesn’t sound too bad at all…

duran duran n tiger tiger


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