song of the day – “A Little Respect” | ERASURE | 1988.

Before English musician and songwriter Vince Clarke became one half of one of my favorite bands, Erasure, as well as a part-time Maine resident, he was part of some other memorable bands as well.  You might have heard of them – Depeche Mode, Yaz (or Yazoo, depending on what part of the globe you’re reading this), and The Assembly. 

erasure 2Vince and his Erasure partner-in-crime, Andy Bell, have been making music for 30 years, and had a Top 5 BILLBOARD Dance hit just last year, titled “Sacred.”  I didn’t hear about Erasure and their 1986 debut album, WONDERLAND, but being a club DJ in 1987 and in the confines of a chem-free nightclub in Waterville, Maine (I’ll come on to that another time), I somehow stumbled onto Erasure with their second album, THE CIRCUS, namely a remix for a song called “Victim Of Love,” which, yes, is a song I am a victim of loving to this day.

At the time of their first American hit, “Chains Of Love,” in 1988, Erasure had already charted 4 Top 10 hits in their U.K. homeland.  “Chains” stopped at a respectable No. 12 on the BILLBOARD Hot 100.  The follow-up single, “A Little Respect” (both songs featured on their third album, THE INNOCENTS), is my favorite song by Vince and Andy, and I have many favorites of theirs from over the years. 

a little respect“A Little Respect” got some radio and sales respect here in the U.S., reaching No. 14 on the Hot 100 and No. 2 on the BILLBOARD Dance chart.  It also got more respect around the world, hitting No. 4 in the U.K., No. 7 in Ireland, No. 6 in Singapore, and the Top 20 in Poland and Japan.

The song also has a connection to my third-favorite TV show of all-time, SCRUBS.  I was already digging the show after watching its first two episodes, but “A Little Respect” was prominently (and brilliantly) featured in the show’s third episode, “My Best Friend’s Mistake,” and because of it, I knew I would love this show for a long time.

Since their 80s pop heyday, Erasure has released 12 studio albums, several hits collections (including 2015’s ALWAYS: THE VERY BEST OF ERASURE), and the hugely popular, 4-song ABBA-ESQUE EP back in 1992.  I applaud Erasure and other bands from the 80s (such as Duran Duran, Pet Shop Boys, New Order and Depeche Mode) who keep on making music for the love of making music.  And, I do have a lot more than a little respect for that…



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