song of the day – “Shine Like It Does” | INXS | 1985.

My first “song of the day” post.  Starting today, it’s my goal to post one of these every day (though it may not always work out that way, but for now, I’m hopeful), and each song will have been released sometime between the Fall of 1979 through the end of 1989.  Could be a heavy album track, a B-side, a minor hit or a No. 1 song.  You’ll have to wait and see…

In my last post (about David Bowie), I mentioned INXS’ Michael Hutchence.  He would have been 56 this year.  It’s kind of hard to imagine him at 56 because he passed away at the oh-so-young age of 37.  I’m betting he would have loved getting older, he would have still had that charismatic presence about him, and INXS would prolly still be together. 

I loved INXS from the first time I heard “The One Thing” (from 1982’s brilliant SHABOOH SHOOBAH album) on the radio in early 1983.  “The One Thing” was their first hit in America, though they had released 2 albums prior to SHABOOH SHOOBAH (still my favorite INXS record).

INXS was one of those bands early on for me that I bought the albums AND the singles for (or the singles I could find, anyway).  Following the 1984 album, THE SWING, was 1985’s LISTEN LIKE THIEVES, the worldwide breakthrough album for the Melbourne, Australia band.  I enjoyed THE SWING, and it grew on me more and more as the years went on, but like SHABOOH SHOOBAH, I loved LISTEN LIKE THIEVES instantly. 

listen like thievesI was thrilled beyond belief when “What You Need” became a Top 5 American hit in April 1986.  And that video remains as one of my favorites from that time.  But, LISTEN LIKE THIEVES had some real depth to it as well. 

First single “This Time” was not a big hit (stopping at No. 81 here in the U.S.), but maybe that’s part of its charm.  I love the way the band worked and played together to put out these amazing songs.  Among my other favorites on this album are “Kiss The Dirt (Falling Down The Mountain)” and the kick-ass title track. 

The song I’ve chosen as my first pick for “song of the day” comes from LISTEN LIKE THIEVES, and it’s also the title of their 2001 Rhino compilation – “Shine Like It Does.”

At just 3 minutes and 5 seconds, “Shine Like It Does” is simple, honest and when Michael Hutchence sings the lyrics he and Andrew Farriss wrote together – “Shine like it does / Into every heart / Shine like it does / And if you’re looking / You will find it” – I believe him.  Just something about this song I will love forever.

You know, INXS’s KICK may have been the album that made them international superstars, but it was LISTEN LIKE THIEVES and songs like “Shine Like It Does” that certainly helped get them there… inxs 1985 listen like thieves


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